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K2 shampoo


Tuote Hinta
testeri n 30 ml1.00 €
200 ml12.50 €
1000 ml31.00 €

    Professional shampoo specially designed for rough and semi-rough textures. It removes dirt with a mild detergent cream that washes without altering the keratin structure of the coat and skin and protects it from environmental and chemical aggressions. It contains selected vitamins and plant substances that integrate the shortcomings of the coat and enhance its volume and shine. Excellent on both short and long coats, it is also ideal as a product for ring preparation. It does not soften the coat. Enriched with albumin and saccharin to harden and restructure the coats, keratin to polish and sericise the hair. Regular use allows intense nourishment and conditioning of the hair. After the bath, the hair is immediately rough, strong and rich in its natural oils and easy to model. It does not alter the textures.

    How to use: dilute the shampoo in nine parts of water (for example a cap of shampoo in nine caps of water). Distribute on wet hair, massage and rinse. Repeat the operation, massaging thoroughly for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

    Deadline: 12 months after opening the package