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Monte Rosa shampoo


Tuote Hinta
testeri n 30 ml1.00 €
200 ml12.50 €
1000 ml31.00 €

    Professional rebalancing shampoo, specially designed to treat dog and cat hair and skin abnormalities. It cleanses with selected surfactants of natural origin, which do not irritate skin sensitive to soaps and act gently on the dermis.
    It sanitizes and relaxes the skin and strengthens the keratin structure of the hair by creating a protective barrier on it. With cola extract and propolis that act as dermoprotective and nutrients, also creating an unfavorable environment for parasite attacks. With willow extract and yeast derivatives that deeply moisturize and give support, softness and shine to the hair.
    Recommended for puppies of all breeds, senior dogs and all pets whose fur is stressed by smog or frequent bathing. Used frequently, it does not alter or impoverish the mantle of its natural oils, but increases them with each treatment.

    How to use for all Oscar shampoos: dilute the shampoo in 9 parts of water (for example, 1 cap of shampoo in 9 caps of water). Distribute on damp hair, massage and rinse. Repeat the operation, massaging thoroughly for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


    12 months from opening the package