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Everest shampoo


Tuote Hinta
testeri n 30 ml1.00 €
200 ml12.50 €
1000 ml31.00 €


Concentrated professional shampoo indicated as the first shampoo to thoroughly clean and sanitize very neglected coats. Contains surfactants of natural origin to wash the hair and skin of cats and dogs effectively but with extreme delicacy and is enriched with vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements to quickly rebalance the deficiencies in worn coats. Contains Licorice extract and Tea tree oil, powerful sanitizers for the hair and skin, and essential oil of sweet orange and lanolin to invigorate and make coats shine. If used regularly, it strengthens the textures and gives support and elasticity to the hair, facilitates brushing and maintenance.

How to use for all Oscar shampoos: dilute the shampoo in 9 parts of water (for example, 1 cap of shampoo in 9 caps of water). Distribute on damp hair, massage and rinse. Repeat the operation, massaging thoroughly for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


12 months from opening the package