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Niagara Cream hoitoaine


Tuote Hinta
testeri n 30 ml1.00 €
1 kg45.00 €

    Nourishing and restructuring balm; models and gives support to the different types of coat of all dog and cat breeds. Contains azulene, saccharin and other selected natural substances that act on the coat giving support, shine and elasticity. Ideal for volumizing, modeling or, if necessary, weighing down textures. Also suitable as a support mask for powders, or as a make-up remover in the after show. It protects the hair from the harmful action of UV rays. It can also be used as a beauty pack after a bath.

    How to use: as a modeling or volumizing product, use pure on the coat, work and brush. As a restructuring and polishing agent, dilute 1-2 tablespoons in 1 liter of hot water, distribute on the mantle at the end of the bath and rinse. For a more intense conditioning, use the same dilution to be distributed on the mantle with a sprayer, proceed with brushing and drying without rinsing.

    Deadline: 12 months after opening the package